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Banque BEMO sal is a commercial bank whose services and activities cover both the Lebanese and regional markets.

True to its long history and culture of prudence and conservative approach to serving its clients, the Bank remains focused on its core expertise, namely Private and Corporate Banking while aiming to build strong relationships, based on trust, with its selected clients.

Since the beginning, Banque BEMO’s mission emanated from the Bank’s special identity and culture, represented by the four core values: Family Spirit, Professionalism, Conservatism and Honesty.

The Bank is known for its competency in delivering high quality services and products, and for its customer centricity orientation. Products and services target large corporations and high net worth individuals.

Faithful to its tradition of investing efforts first and foremost in its clients’ trust, Banque BEMO committed to abide by the following four principles, which represent the source of past achievements and the foundation on which to plan future development:

• Commitment to Customer Centricity: whereby the client is considered as a core asset, around whom the Bank build its endeavors, and where each decision is weighed on how to improve client satisfaction

• Commitment to providing an exclusive experience to clients: through attention to detail and anticipation of needs, Banque BEMO strives to understand stakeholders’ perspective and ensure that they get more than their fair share of expectation

• Commitment to develop expertise/knowledge/proficiency: based on the existing broad offering of financial services, through the Bank and its sister entities, Banque BEMO recognizes this as a core competency and is committed to grow skills and remain proficient in the latest banking techniques

• Commitment to Transparency: In line with the Group’s motto “Business With Ethics”, Banque BEMO recognizes that transparency fosters discipline and strengthens the processes. Therefore, the Bank commits to transparency with its stakeholders and earn their trust.

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