Banque BEMO Saudi Fransi-SA (BBSF) is a private joint stock company established in January 2004 and registered with the Commercial Register of Damascus, Syria, under Law 13901.

The Capital of BBSF amounted to SYP 5 billion as at December 2011, and its shares have been listed on the Damascus Securities Exchange (DSE) since October 2009.

BBSF is recognized for its Syrian roots and for its standards that meet international levels, as well as for being the first privately owned commercial bank to have operations in Syria.

Ownership structure (31.12.2015)

Banque Saudi Fransi (BSF) 27%
Banque Bemo Sal 22%
Obegi Family 7.51%
Other shareholders 43.49%
TOTAL 100%


Banque BEMO Saudi Fransi aims, through its network of branches and offices across Syria, as well as through the expertise of its Management team, to secure high level of customer's satisfaction, providing its clientele with a full range of banking products and services of high quality, which include: 

Bank Accounts and Financial Services 

  • Current & savings accounts 
  • Sight & fixed term deposits in the major currencies
  • Cash deposits & withdrawals
  • Internal and external transfers
  • Foreign exchange
  • Collections of cheques
  • Bills domiciliation & issuance of certificates

Retail banking

  • Loans - (Personal, Car, Housing, Commercial, Medical Equipment)
  • Payment Cards - (Debit, Prepaid, Cards provided by outside transfers in USD and Euro)
  • Salaries domiciliation
  • Online banking services

Commercial Banking and Trade Finance 

  • Sight and term letters of credit
  • Letters of guarantees  - (advance payment, bid bonds, performance bonds)
  • Remittances and collections of documents
  • Short and medium term loans
  • Discount of commercial papers
  • Acceptances
  • Foreign credit investigations

Head Office 

SYRIA - Damascus, Syria
P.O.Box 31117 Damascus, 
  • +963 11 9399
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