Board and Management Committees

Banque BEMO has created a number of Committees which roles are to dwell into each aspect of the Bank’s operations and maintain thus high standards of works while preserving the ethics, integrity and values, in general, of the Bank. 

Board Committees

  • Audit Committee 
  • Credit Committee
  • Nominating, Remuneration & Corporate Governance Committee 
  • Board Risk & Compliance Committee 

Management Committees

  • Assets & Liabilities Committee (ALCO)
  • BDL 110 Steering Committee
  • AML/CFT Committee
  • Credit Committee
  • Executive Committee / Strategy Committee 
  • IT Security Committee 
  • Real Estate Investments, Participation& Association Committee
  • Asset Management & New Product Approval Committee 
  • Senior Executive Management Committee (SEMC)
  • Customer Acceptance Committee (CAC)


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