In the wake of the global financial crisis, Banque BEMO introduced the Client Centricity approach. This approach was a natural continuation of the client relationship management already put in place by the Bank, as a Private Bank. 

The Relationship Management Model allows the Bank managers to engage with their clients. This permanent engagement enables the managers to provide their clients with adapted private and corporate banking services and products that foster wealth growth, sound wealth management and wealth preservation. The Bank’s Relationship Managers advise clients on problems and craft tailored solutions for them. This closed-loop relationship is mutually beneficial and contributes in consolidating and nurturing existing long-term ties between the Bank and its clients. 
The Bank’s Management approach is geared towards productivity and client centricity that aim to achieve the highest standards of quality throughout the hierarchy of the workforce. The structure of the Bank has set the foundations for an organizational platform that allows for a swift reaction to changing market opportunities, without jeopardizing its existing operations. Indeed, the Bank introduced the Client Annual Planning which allows the Relationship Manager to anticipate his / her client needs, accompany the client through his financial and banking journey, advise him / her on risks and suggest solutions. 

The Bank is constantly fine-tuning its operations in order to better cater to its clients’ banking requirements and, to do so, continuously emphasizes on quality and professional know-how. Hence, the Bank encourages cross-functionality and promotes synergies among its various divisions. This overhaul in operations allows for additional value creation, while tapping on available resources, and satisfying the desires of the existing client base. 

Senior Management

The Management of the Bank is entrusted to a group of Senior Executives who have gained a precious experience in contributing to the building of major local banking institutions, as well as of other European based private banking entities. In addition, members of the Bank’s Senior Management team have held high-level management responsibilities in various aspects of the banking realm in the local operations of prime foreign banks. The Management team significantly benefits and builds upon the strong and solid collective experience of the shareholders, which was gained throughout the years, whether in the local or the regional markets.

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Dr. Riad B. Obegi Chairman & General Manager
Mr. Samih H. Saadeh Vice Chairman & General Manager
Mr. Georges Y. Matloub AGM  - Head of Legal/Compliance/Cyprus
Mr. Gaby S. Frangieh AGM  - Head of Finance, Capital and Systems 


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