Our Vision

“To be the reference in Private and Corporate Banking”

Our Mission Statement

“Live our values while achieving  high return on equity  
and offering our customers outstanding quality“

Our Values

“Family spirit 


The four corporate values of Banque BEMO form the foundations on which all policies and actions are based:

Family Spirit

At Banque BEMO, we form one family with our team and clients. For us, Family Spirit implies caring about our team members’ needs, encouraging teamwork and striving to increase their motivation, engagement and ambitions. Also, Family Spirit drives the long-term relationship we aim at building and nurturing with our clients; we care about them as individuals, and also about their business. 


Our professionalism constantly leads us to being the reference in Private and Corporate Banking. It has allowed us to grow and sustain long-term relationships with our clients. It embodies Banque BEMO signature style. In all our actions, we constantly strive to exhibit positive attitude and behavior in addition to good discipline. We are determined to act in a professional manner at all times and to treat our clients, business relationships, public administration, peers and any person we encounter in the most courteous way as we are the Bank’s ambassadors. Professionalism materializes through our extra dedication to always deliver outstanding quality of service. 


Always observing the financial world, conservatism stems from history and experience.  Our priority being the protection of our clients’ long-term interests; we take reasonable risks and focus on value and not immediate profits. We consult with our colleagues and Senior Management prior to implementing new services. We avoid behaving in an amateurish and immature way by taking the time to study, observe and analyze opportunities while maintaining an innovative spirit. 


Honesty is what cements the Bank altogether and creates its Family Spirit. Honesty is also intellectual and behavioral as we do not only look at the form but also at the substance. We do not only look into results but also into intentions. We do not only observe and judge actions but also their underlying principles.  We strive to maximize relationship profiles while enhancing transparency and loyalty. As a result, this leads to long-lasting relationships and longevity for the Bank. 

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