Ownership Structure


Banque BEMO sal is a Lebanese joint-stock company founded in 1994 as “BEMO-Banque Européenne pour le Moyen Orient Sal”, registered in the Beirut Commercial Registry under No.17837 and, on the Banque du Liban's list of banks under No. 93. It has been listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange since 1999, under No. 1111. 

The Bank’s capital is LBP 62,599,400,000 (US$ 41,525,307), consisting of 62,000,000 shares of common stock ("Ordinary" Shares) and 350,000 preferred shares. Out of the total 62,350,000 shares, 51,400,000 shares are publicly held and listed on the Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE). Issue prime on preferred shares amount to LBP 52,290,454,000 (US$ 34,686,868). 

The ownership structure of the Bank’s capital as of June 30th, 2017 is as follows:


Sharikat Al Istismarat Al Oropia
Lil Sharek Al Aousat (Holding) sal
Lebanon 61.06%
Banque Saudi Fransi Saudi Arabia 10.33%
Ms. Nour Maroun Semaan Lebanon 4.50%
Ms. Tala Maroun Semaan Lebanon 4.50%
Ms. Maya Maroun Semaan Lebanon 4.50%
Sheikh Issam Mohamad Kheiri Kabbani Saudi Arabia 3.07%
All other Shareholders   - 12.04%


The next shareholders meeting will take place in June 2018

Board of Directors as at 31-03-2017

Dr. Riad B. Obegi   - Chairman & General Manager
Mr. Samih H. Saadeh  - Vice Chairman & General Manager
Sharikat Al Istismarat Al Oropia Lil Sharek Al Aousat (Holding) sal- Member (Represented by Mr. Jean V. Hajjar)
Mr. Antoine Y. Mansour  Wakim - Member
Sheikh Hassan I. Mohamad  Kabbani - Member
Ms. Karine S. Mansour Obegi - Member
Dr. Derek A. El Zein - Member
Mr. Peter A. Hrechdakian - Member 

Legal Advisors

 Banque BEMO appointed Dr. Nasri A. Diab and Me. Adel J. Macaron as its legal advisors. 


The Bank appointed Deloitte & Touche and DFK Fiduciaire du Moyen Orient as its auditors.

Corporate Secretary

Mr. Georges Hayek (Email: georgeshayek@bemobank.com)

Investors Relationship Officer

Mr. Farid Meshaka (Email: faridmeshaka@bemobank.com)

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