Private Banking

Banque BEMO has always kept at heart the interests of its clientele. This has constantly been the center of the Bank's Private Banking & Wealth Management approach for we acknowledge each client as unique. In this respect, client centricity is embedded in the corporate culture of the bank. Banque BEMO's Private Banking & Wealth Management ambition is to continuously provide clients with innovative and creative financial solutions. At the core of the Bank's services is the select treatment given to each of our clients. The procedures followed fall within one aim: fit in the unique framework defined for each client relationship. Accordingly, our teams first start by identifying and structuring the client's personal objectives; then, understanding their constraints and; finally, setting bespoke investment plans.

Enhancing our clients' wealth strategy over time entails building a long lasting relationship with them. In this spirit, Banque BEMO Private Banking & Wealth Management organizes, builds, monitors and improves the clients' wealth strategy while matching their predefined risk profile. By nature, this system implies a relationship based on trust, confidence and transparency, which can only build over time. Banque BEMO's team of confirmed financial advisors is keen on providing relentless services to clients through regular meetings, high-quality performance and regular reporting, as well as efficient portfolio rebalancing and management. In addition to a wide variety of generic "off-the-shelf" products, Banque BEMO's experts aim at designing strategies that assist clients in planning and implementing solutions that are compatible with their individual situations, whether local or global.

BEMO Group offers clients the possibility to open accounts abroad. The Bank also caters to High Net Worth individuals and provides state-of-the-art financing techniques, in addition to proposing a wide range of cutting-edge financial products. BEMO banking group presents a complete networking service that aims at offering private banking clients the possibility of opening accounts with BEMO EUROPE - Banque Privee in either France or Luxembourg, while maintaining their dedicated relationship manager at Banque BEMO - Lebanon. Banque BEMO Private Banking also serves Arab High Net Worth individuals through offices in Lebanon, giving them thus access to first class financial advisory and innovative investment solutions, as well as corporate banking services. BEMO Securitization (BSEC) focuses on state-of-the-art financing techniques. BSEC assists companies raising larger funds in order to expand their operations through packaging their illiquid assets into securities tradable in the capital markets.

Banque BEMO Relationship Management team would be pleased to provide you with additional information related to the products and services offered under Private Banking and Wealth Management. Please contact us by either phone or email:

Telephone: + 961 1 568 250


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