Putting People First

Our human capital are our most valuable resource and primary means to reach the Bank's goals and objectives.

Our strategy is governed by the following principles:


Our goal is to support, guide and provide all employees with a healthy, stable and positive working environment. We are committed to ensure that our potentials are well equipped to take more complex responsibilities and become the future leaders of the organization.

We promote learning and growth through trainings, E- Learning & Executive educators, open communication and internal mobility to retain talent employees and improve their skills and ability to deliver business objectives and meet the global strategy.

We emphasize on our Performance Management system and apply fair remunerations accordingly. As well, we assess and evaluate staff competencies and follow up on their development needs.

Happy Employees = Happy Clients

We systematically invest in finding, selecting, training, evaluating, developing and retaining our workforce by optimizing their satisfaction that in turn will lead to client satisfaction.

Our internal relations success "employer-employee" is based on living our culture of integrity, fairness, professionalism, excellence, openness and trust.

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