Treasury & Capital Markets

The Treasury & Capital Markets department at Banque BEMO has developed its strategy and, over the years, became a recognized provider of financial solutions and a reference within the local market. It distinguished itself from its market peers by opting for a client oriented approach, aiming to build and sustain long-term business relationships based on trust, transparency, dedication, and professionalism.

The Treasury & Capital Markets team actively assists clients in their investment decisions allowing them to cope with the markets’ volatility and uncertainties and helping them to seize opportunities as soon as they arise.

Treasury & Capital Markets units - Asset Management, Foreign Exchange , Money Markets, Research & Advisory - aim at providing financial solutions to meet our client’s objectives based on their risk profile. Moreover, the department aspires at adding value to the Bank’s stakeholders, and contributing thus to bolstering the growth and development of the Bank while abiding by the Bank’s policies and procedures, the management’s guidance, and the regulatory requirements.

Asset Management

The Asset Management unit continuously aims to meet the expectations of its clients, and to build long-term trust based relationships. The unit provides execution and risk assessment services across a full range of asset classes and investment products traded on the local and international markets.

The Asset Management unit encompasses a range of activities that include the following:

  • Portfolios management
  • Asset allocation services
  • Hedging solutions
  • Capital preservation & yield enhancement strategies
  • Proprietary trading activities
  • Brokerage services
  • Providing structured products & investment ideas

Foreign Exchange

The Foreign Exchange unit provides global FX execution and risk assessment services to cover both client’s hedging needs and speculative trading needs. The unit is active at the level of developing investment strategies, and that of structuring investment products.

The Foreign Exchange unit encompasses a range of activities that include the following:

  • FX Spot, Forward and Swaps
  • FX Options (Plain Vanilla, Exotics)
  • FX yield enhancement products (Dual Currency Deposit, etc. ….)
  • Tailor made products for customers
  • Bullion & commodities trading
  • FX Structured products

Money Market

The Money Market unit assembles short and medium term funds at best available conditions. It ensures that the Bank meet all of its financial commitments and obligations towards its customers, in addition to meeting the statutory liquidity ratio & cash requirement ratios at minimum risk for the Bank.  The Money Market unit monitors interest rates’ fluctuations and maximizes the yields on surplus funds.

Research & Advisory

The Research & Advisory unit offers clients insight into the financial markets and up-to-date market reports making sure that investors have access to the most relevant information in order for them to make the right decisions.




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