Treasury & Capital Markets

Building on its achievements and accumulated experience throughout the years, the Treasury & Capital Markets Department continues to adhere to the main objectives of sustaining the interests of the bank's clients and shareholders, strengthening its foundations and maintaining its image as a reference within the local market which was achieved through integrating the merits of dedication, persistence, commitment, consistency and resilience to its works.

The department's business model embraces the bank's profound belief in the "Client Centricity" approach which continues to drive the department's strategy of standing by our clients in their best and worst times and continuing to cooperate with a continuously growing and diverse base of private, corporate and institutional clients.

The department continues to explore different approaches to enlarge its array of investment products and solutions that would align with the bank's conservative approach and suit the investment needs of the bank and its clients based on their suitability, objectives and risk assessments. The department's team is equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide investment solutions that match the bank's and client's investment needs. Simultaneously, the department continues to develop and review its structures, policies and products' offerings to meet the local regulators' conventions and regulations, and the continuously changing regulatory and compliance requirements facing the financial industry.

The department aims at providing transparent, ethical and conservative financial solutions at the level of the asset management, cash & liquidity management, foreign exchange and money market activities.

The department is committed to ensuring fast, accurate execution and timely settlement of transactions, through ceaseless market coverage (including national holidays) using the latest communication and technology systems. The department's activities are supported by a wide network of reputable banks and active correspondent banking relations.

The synergies between Banque BEMO and its sister companies enhance the department's ability to meet our clients' short and long term objectives. The pairing between Banque BEMO and BSEC increases the variety of our financial products.

Banque BEMO takes pride in its outstanding clients and the Treasury & Capital Markets department will continue to establish confidence and true partnerships with them. The department will continue boosting its efforts to locate strategic investments, achieve its short and long term objectives and contribute to bolstering the growth and development of the bank while abiding to the bank's policies and procedures.




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